· Member benefits ·

·Member benefits ·

Membership privileges

【Micro member, gold card, ruby card, diamond card can enjoy the following rights and interests】

· Parking preferential ·

Chicony’s members can get a 3-hour free parking ticket, and they can get 3 hours of free parking for any consumption. Each member can receive a maximum of 6 hours of free parking per day,Using the mobile phone self-service parking discount before leaving the mall; Consumption counters that do not issue Qunguang small tickets can be redeemed at shopping locations (supermarket / Haidilao / CGV), general service desk, card-friend center, and floor information desk; Diamond Card members can enjoy free parking discounts throughout the day

· Points are money ·

During the activity period, members can deduct the bonus points to get the corresponding cash.

· Points exchange ·

During the activity period, members can enter the points mall, deduct the corresponding points in the card for the corresponding gifts.

· Birthday double integral ·

Members can enjoy double points for spending on their birthday. If there are multiple points on that day, the highest multiple points shall prevail. (this activity is calculated according to the original membership credit rule).

· Multiple points for members (to be launched from time to time) ·

Members can enjoy multiple points when consuming at the group light counter.

· Membership salon activities ·

Regular member salon activities to enrich members' leisure time, meet new themselves.

· Gift from members (to be launched from time to time) ·

Members who spend money during the activity will get the corresponding gift.

· Exclusive VIP service (ruby and diamond CARDS only) ·

For distinguished members to provide independent rest and entertainment space, indoor equipped with exquisite tea, fashion magazine, massage chair and other honorable courtesy, more professional and considerate service of colleagues, let you in qunguang square shopping, enjoy the elegant leisure time.

· Brand discount ·

Holding group light membership card can enjoy the brand goods fold up fold.

· CGV tickets are half price ·

You can enjoy half price discount for CGV movie tickets with qunguang electronic membership card.

· Gift theme packaging ·

Members can enjoy gift packaging service at 1F main service counter after purchasing the goods.