· Customer service ·

· Customer service ·

Chicony Square Shantou·opening time

Monday to Friday 11:00-22:30

Saturday, Sunday and holidays 10:30-22:30

Shantou qunguang square convenient service projects
1F front desk

Shopping and activities consultation | customer comments accept | wheelchair rental | baby carriage rental | charger charger rental | children's anti-slip band rental | umbrella rental | gift wrapping service | parking ticket exchange service | invoice issuing guidelines | lost and found items search |0 find someone to broadcast

3 f maternal and infant room

Baby rest | baby diaper replacement b| mother breastfeeding | diaper supply b| anti-overflow milk cushion supply | hot water service | milk heater supply | baby bottle sterilizer supply | air purifier supply | simple medical service receptions


3F parent-child toilet

Baby toilet | diaper change table | can shrink baby seat



5 f VIP room

Ruby customer free rest area | diamond customer free rest area | free meal point available | books borrow b| board game | warm water wash your hands | portable dryer | female supplies free | hair dryer borrow | air purifier


5F card friends center

Card friends receive | card friends gift exchange | parking coupon exchange service | stored value card sales | points supplement | points exchange | member information change handling | member activity consultation

Toilet for the disabled -- | toilet for the disabled | portable lavatory | portable lavatory | retract baby seat | diaper change table


残疾人卫生间---残疾人马桶 | 儿童马桶 | 便携式洗手盆 | 可收缩宝宝座椅 | 尿布更换台

Information desk - parking ticket exchange service | shopping and event information




Men's and women's restrooms - warm hand washing | hot water supply | portable dryer


2F dedicated ladies' washroom -- berry beast /UTI aisle | ladies' shoes section

Wash hands with warm water | oversize makeup counter | hot water supply | portable dryer