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· Traffic information ·

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Chicony’s members can get a 3-hour free parking ticket, and they can get 3 hours of free parking for any consumption. Each member can receive a maximum of 6 hours of free parking per day,Using the mobile phone self-service parking discount before leaving the mall;

Consumption counters that do not issue Qunguang small tickets can be redeemed at shopping locations (supermarket / Haidilao / CGV), general service desk, card-friend center, and floor information desk;

Diamond Card members can enjoy free parking discounts throughout the day

· Matters needing attention ·

1. Redeemable parking discount redeemable by day ticket or movie ticket stub. Member parking discount and shopping parking discount can be used in combination, and a car can be redeemed for up to 6 hours a day.

2. Customers can redeem parking coupons with movie ticket stubs; Tickets for products other than movies purchased in the studio are not redeemable for parking coupons.

3. Any counter set up in qunguang hall, including rental counter and self-cashier counter, can enjoy parking discount with any consumption receipt. The receipt should be stamped with the seal of 'parking discount redeemed' to identify the redeemed.

4. Qunguang member parking discount, each car can only use one electronic membership card per day, each card can only be used once per day; A car can not use more than 2 (including) electronic membership card superposition, each car can get up to 2 times a day, total conversion hours up to 6 hours.

5. If the number of hours deducted by the parking concession is exceeded, payment shall be made, and the parking fee shall be restarted within 15 minutes ({) after payment.

6. Parking coupon processing places: haidilao, supermarket, cinema, information desk of each floor, 1F general service desk, 5F card friend center.