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· Repast ·

Haidilao, the first Singapore decoration style

Many exotic theme restaurants

Gathering international style

Provide a unique gourmet feast

Bring a new taste experience

· Cafe ·

Advocating young people’s diet trends

Starbucks integrates coffee culture into life trends

HEYTEA can understand young people’s thoughts

A wide range of light food restaurants

Treat every customer with delicious

The mall is located in the city center, it is at the junction of Changping Road and Huashan Road in Longhu District. Adjacent to Lin Baixin International Convention and Exhibition Center and Times Square, it is a unique and perfect location. The surrounding supporting facilities are complete and the transportation is convenient.Not only a shopping mall, but also a public experience space full of humanistic care, provide intimate customer service and perfect public facilities, bring the most fun and fashionable things to every customer.

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· Parking offers warm tips ·Chicony’s members can get a 3-ho...